Mickey Robinson’s Bio

Ever since Mickey was given a second chance at life, he has been an international public speaker. His message of encouragement and hope has continued to change lives and inspire people of all ages.

Mickey and his wife, Barbara, are co-founders of Prophetic Destiny International, a ministry movement that specializes in teaching, training, and empowering people to maximize their effectiveness in living out their destinies and cultivating their unique spiritual gifts.
The Robinsons have also served as Pastors, Ministry Team Leaders, Conference Speakers, and have also served as directors with RAIN: Resurrection Apostolic International Network.  They have also been directors and have partnered with other Apostolic/Prophetic networks over the last 30 years.


Mickey Robinson’s Public Ministry

During the course of the past three decades, Mickey has addressed wide and diversified segments of various cultures and people groups, both nationally and internationally.  In addition to his personal appearances, his dramatic life story and additional messages of hope have been broadcast via TV and radio through secular and religious venues. In August of 2010 a portion of Mickey’s testimony was part of a two hour special on the highly acclaimed History Channel. It has been broadcast multiple times in the U.S. and the Nations with over-dubs in their own languages.


The Early Years
—While pastoring in Ohio, Mickey regularly visited the Mansfield Reformatory as a speaker, and played in a rock band to minister to inmates.  (This maximum security prison was used in filming the movie, The Shawshank Redemption.)   Mickey’s testimony of hope deeply impacted the inmates, and the response for redemption was significant every time.  He also held a discipleship study group twice a month for six years at this prison with a group of committed men.
—Featured Speaker at numerous Full Gospel Businessmen banquets
—Featured Speaker at various church meetings, men’s retreats, youth rallies, and evangelistic events


Prisons  /  Regular Speaking Engagements
Mohican Youth Camp: A reformatory of the Ohio Youth Commission
Cleveland Justice Center, Ohio
Marion Correction Institute, Marion, Ohio
Maximum Security Prison of Virginia

School Systems
—Involvement in an assembly of speakers at several public schools in Ohio, Tennessee, and Canada.
—Speaker at several outreach events at Ashland University, Ohio
—Speaker at Mt. Vernon Bible College
—Speaker at First Nations Reservations School System.  Mickey was sent here by a government grant from Canada because this people group has the highest suicide rate above any other in the world.


Businesses & Other Venues
—Mickey addressed all management and employees at the Nuclear Fuel Development Plant in Piketon, Ohio, a rare opportunity due to extremely high security.
—Mickey addressed 250 highly influential businessmen of Execunet in San Antonio, Texas.
—Served as consultant to executive staff of Caldwell Securities, Toronto Canada.
Healing The Healers Retreat in Cleveland, Ohio, is where Mickey addressed issues of stress and intensity in the profession of doctors, nurses, paramedics of inner-city trauma unit.
Northern California Burn Camp—a facility of healing and therapy that’s dedicated to children who are burn victims, and to traumatized fire-fighters.
Hospital of Fargo, North Dakota
Morning Exchange TV Show, ABC, Cleveland, Ohio, featured guest speaker.
Cornerstone Television, Pittsburgh, PA, featured guest speaker
Trinity Broadcast Network International, Orange County Ca.
TBN, Canton, Ohio
It’s Supernatural
100 Huntley Street, Burlington, Ontario, Canada—National live broadcast.
Sky Angel, airing of Mickey’s testimony
The God Channel, airing of Mickey’s testimony on many TV Networks throughout Europe.
God TV
FOX News

Conferences, Training Seminars & Special Events
Mickey has pioneered and designed seminars, and has been a featured speaker at the following events (partial list):
Ohio Prophetic Conference: Annual conference for 13 years in Cleveland and Toledo.  This conference spawned various similar conferences throughout the U.S. and Europe
Healing the Nations Conferences: with Mahesh Chavda in Cleveland, Kansas City, Raleigh, and Charlotte
Apostolic & Prophetic Conference Annual Conference: In Minnesota, ministered for 12 years
International Healing Conference, St. Paul, MN
Catch the Fire Conference with John and Carol Arnot, Ohio
Global Awakening School of Ministry with Randy Clark
School of the Supernatural with Bill Johnson, Redding, CA
Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, OH
University of North Carolina
Cal State University, Channel Islands
Fireschool,  Pensacola, FL
Public Schools, Tullahoma, TN
St. Vincent Charity Hospital—Trauma Unit Staff, Cleveland, OH
Conference Partnerships with James Goll/Encounters Network
Prophetic Worship and the Arts:
These conferences involve visual arts, worship, dance, and drama
Youth With A Mission, Guest Instructor n various bases of the U.S., Canada, South Pacific, and New Zealand.
Wagner Leadership Institute, Seoul, Korea, a new paradigm in leadership training attended by approximately 500 pastors and leaders, and subsequently broadcast on South Korean TV.


Print Media
Falling To Heaven, autobiography by Mickey Robinson
The Prophetic Made Personal, by Mickey Robinson
Adventures in the Prophetic by James Goll, Michal Ann Goll, and Mickey Robinson
—Feature Story in: Charisma Magazine
—Feature Story in: Kairos Magazine
—Feature Story in: Rise Up Magazine, New Zealand
—Mickey’s story appears in the N.Y. Times best-seller book: Where Miracles Happen by Joan Wester Anderson
—Lead Story in: The Final Frontier by Richard Kent, UK

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