Images: Essence of Mickey’s Story

A plane crash in 1968 consumed half of Mickey’s body in third-degree burns. 

Crossing into Eternity, Mickey entered Heaven.  But… he was given a second chance.  His Mission: bring back to Earth a crucial message of HOPE!

Mickey, left, had an early interest in aviation.      
Communion portrait, age 7, at St. Michael’s Catholic Church: the religious world was empty, strict, and very uptight; not a happy place, and certainly not a source for life’s answers.






(Below left) Senior picture during the stockbroker days; (below right) Mickey lands with his Para-Commander parachute in early spring of 1968.






(Below) The aftermath of the tragic crash of August 15, 1968. 










Months after the crash, Mickey is still badly burned and hanging onto life, December 1968. Both of Mickey’s legs were paralyzed with severe nerve damage. 


(Above) One small step for Mickey, one giant leap of HOPE for miraculous recovery!
(Below left)  Mickey skis in the Austrian Alps.  (Below right) At the Bay of Fundy, Mickey climbed to the top of the famous 60-foot rock formation with a friend. As proclaimed in Ps. 40:2: “He set my feet on a rock, and gave me a firm place to stand.”










(Above) At Christ For The Nations in Bad Gandersheim, Germany.  (Lower left) Mickey and Barbara Robinson, married for 38 years; (lower right) the Robinson family.











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