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In development: a new brand of videos. Our first production, which will begin our DVD series, is entitled:

“Hope Heals: in Crisis”

This will be a documentary on Mickey’s miraculous life story, complete with eye-witness interviews, motion graphics, and a devotional curriculum.  In addition to the 60 minute documentary, Mickey will include teaching points from his life story, each running about 10 minutes.  A free study guide in PDF format will be downloadable on this website upon release of the DVD.

Teaching Themes from Mickey’s Life Story (DVD #1):

  1.    Religious Background vs. Spiritual Enlightenment
  2.    Rejection
  3.    Pushing Past Pain
  4.    Transcending Natural Laws
  5.    Extracting Treasure: Discovering True Gifts
  6.    Glory Transforms
  7.    Gaining from Loss
  8.    Vision Leads to Destiny

Following the release of our first DVD, we plan for the Hope Heals series to include these additional titles:

—Hope In Miracles
—Hope In America
—Hope In Finances
—Hope In Families
—Hope In Destiny
—Hope Through Courage
—Hope: the Will to Live

The best way to keep up with our progress on this series is to SIGN UP with your name and email address using the form on the page sidebar.  We’d love to keep you posted on all that God is doing!






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